Catering and Events

Ai Fiori plays host to elegant private events and offers many different attractive setups to consider based on the size of the party and occasion. We are dedicated to making each business, social, or personal event memorable and suited to your needs.

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Vernazza Room

Seated Maximum of 12 guests at one large round table.
Bright and airy room with a large window creating a spacious feel.

Monterosso Wine Room

Seated Maximum of 18 guests at one long table or 2 rounds.
Fully enclosed, elegant dining room, adorned with some of our sommeliers favorite wines as the perfect décor.

La Spezia Semi-Private

Seated maximum of 26 guests at up to 3 long tables.
This curtained off space offers a delicately private feel while still maintaining the main dining room aesthetic.

Genoa Semi-Private

Seated maximum of 32 guests, at up to 4 long tables.
A fully enclosed, and curtained off “room” that offers the main dining feel, while still being exclusive and private.

Savona Table

Seated maximum of 16 guests along a partially screened and curtained off banquette area Savona offers a tucked away table, where guests can still see the main dining room activity, but be just a bit removed for a more intimate experience.

Imperia Table

Seated maximum of 10 guests, at one long, partially screened off table.